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How it works – Mobility car sharing put simply


Become a customer

  • Select the ideal subscription for you.
  • Become a Mobility customer in just a few steps.
  • Download the Mobility app.

Make a reservation

Open the app or the customer portal and proceed as follows:

  • Select driving mode (Return, One-Way, Go)
  • Enter station
  • Choose desired period
  • Select vehicle category
  • Book

Drive off

  • Go to your booked vehicle.
  • Inspect the vehicle for damage. Report any damage to the vehicle to the 24h Service Center on 0848 824 812 before setting off.
  • Use your Mobility Card or SwissPass to unlock the vehicle.
  • Off you go!

Park up

  • If you have chosen the “Return” driving mode, return the vehicle to its original station on time. If the fuel level is under 1/3, refuel the vehicle before returning it.
  • With One-Way, you park the vehicle at the selected station (One-Way). With Go, you simply leave in one of its designated public car parks in a defined zone.
  • Use your Mobility Card or SwissPass to lock the vehicle.
  • Please observe our fair-play rules.

Opt for Mobility now!

Meaningful, flexible and fuss-free: 3’120 vehicles await you at 1’530 stations. With Mobility, you can travel all over Switzerland with no fuss and no obligation.

1’530 stations

Mobility vehicles await you at 1’530 stations throughout Switzerland. Off you go!

3’120 vehicles

Mobility has a fleet of 3’120 different vehicles ready and waiting for you. Big, small, sporty, practical – what are you waiting for?

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