Availability guarantee: Reserve Mobility vehicles at fixed times

Do you need a Mobility vehicle at regular fixed times, such as for external meetings every Tuesday afternoon? This is possible thanks to the availability guarantee!

Simply choose a Mobility station as well as the times at which the car is to be available exclusively to your company.

costsAnnual flat fee of CHF 299 (excl. VAT)
Drive rate (depending on vehicle category)Hourly rate for defined fixed times
plus the kilometre rate for every journey within the fixed time


You have external customer meetings every morning. Thanks to the availability guarantee, the Mobility car near your company’s premises is available to you and your employees from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Other Mobility customers can only book the car outside these fixed times. On public holidays and company holidays (max. 3 weeks), you have the option of pausing the availability guarantee and thus saving fixed costs.

1’530 stations

Mobility vehicles await you at 1’530 stations throughout Switzerland. Off you go.

3’120 vehicles

Mobility has a fleet of 3’120 different vehicles ready and waiting for you. Big, small, sporty, practical – we have the right vehicle for everyone.

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