Our major goal for 2030. For you. For all of us.

All aboard!

Sustainability and community spirit are the cornerstones on which Mobility is based – ideals we have pursued ever since 1997. And now we're taking it a step further. Mobility wants to achieve climate neutrality. For this reason, we’ve set ourselves the goal of completely electrifying our entire fleet – i.e. around 3'100 vehicles throughout the whole of Switzerland – by no later than 2030. Some 500 electric cars are already in use today. Many challenges lie in store for us as we embark on this ambitious path. The construction and expansion of the charging infrastructure alone is a major task, as is the development of an intelligent booking system that covers charging times as well. Our goal is clear: 100% electric. With your support. We’re ready to go.

Eh? #3 Why e-cars are such fun

Make your next journey electric. It’s easy. And best of all, quieter and more sustainable. We’ll show you.

Our e-fleet

We already have state-of-the-art electric cars at numerous Mobility stations throughout the whole of Switzerland. Make use of our diverse fleet and be inspired by clean e-mobility. Our models offer excellent range and a completely new driving experience – quiet, comfortable and without exhaust fumes. Join us as we push the start button to go fully electric by 2030.

Drive with electricity – by and with SwissEnergy

"Drive with Electricity" is a SwissEnergy program that helps people in Switzerland switch to energy-efficient vehicles with alternative drives. The focus is on electric cars, which offer an outstanding eco-balance and energy efficiency. The program provides easy-to-understand information and a comprehensive overview of electric cars, the environment and charging infrastructure. Given the high energy consumption in the transport sector and the high share of fossil fuels, there is a need to work together to achieve the climate target. "Drive with the power" is an important step in this direction.

E-mobility for all

Up-to-date facts and sound foundations for your decision.

On the road – fully charged

Many people still have their reservations about e-mobility: how does an e-car actually work, how far you can travel, where and how quickly can I charge my e-car – especially when I’m in the middle of a journey? The charging infrastructure in Switzerland is much more advanced than you might think. We already provide numerous fast-charging points for you with our partner Swisscharge: here it takes 10 minutes to charge your e-car for an additional range of up to 150 km. Naturally using power from 100% renewable sources.


Everything you need to know. Step by step. ElectriX helps you – an initiative of our partner Allianz!

A sensible option for your business

Sustainability and effective action are crucial to every company and all employees. Mobility supports you in noticeably reducing your CO2 footprint by providing electrically powered vehicles. We have the perfect solution to suit every size of company to enable you to achieve an optimum combination of business flexibility and ecological mobility – also as an add-on to public transport to guarantee a smooth and clean mobility chain to the next business appointment or after work.

Business subscription

A Business subscription gives you access to all Mobility vehicles – from electric cars to vans. At a reduced rate at all Mobility stations. Our rates include everything: charging, insurance, maintenance, parking and cleaning. So you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Mobility Flex

Want a Mobility station of your own right on your doorstep – on your company premises, in your municipality or at your residential complex? Mobility Flex is the convenient solution to ensure you arrive on time for every appointment. You can define fixed periods where the e-cars are reserved exclusively for you. Outside of these specified periods, the e-cars can be booked by all Mobility users.

Exclusive e-solution

If your company wants to switch completely to electrically powered mobility and use Mobility for its own e-fleet, then our exclusive offer is just the right sustainable solution for you. We address your needs individually, define the optimum strategy with you, set up a Mobility station for you and provide the e-cars. Exclusively for you.

Moving ahead the sustainable way

There are lots of opinions and myths about e-mobility. However, we firmly believe that though there may be lots of different paths to a sustainable future, e-mobility is most certainly one of the most important. The crucial point here is that we are committed to sustainability. Because we realised long ago that there is a need for a new mindset and a new approach. We want to make everyone an offer that perfectly combines ecological aspects with an attractive lifestyle and straightforward use. Our «Cause we care» programme in cooperation with myclimate enables everyone to get proactively involved. What is more, our charging stations are powered exclusively by 100% clean energy certified by «naturemade star». For us, it’s important to us not just to reduce driving emissions, but also to produce significantly less CO2 over the entire lifecycle of a car. So what are you waiting for? Drive a clean machine!

What do you want to know?

Lots of opinions, lots of uncertainties. Our aim is to give you the facts – clear and simple – so you really can find out everything you want to know. We’ve compiled a few interesting points for you here. But now it’s up to you. We’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Why does Mobility want to achieve climate neutrality?

Sustainability is deeply rooted in Mobility’s DNA: our sharing concept has always been about protecting the environment. Our decision to go climate-neutral by 2040 reflects our aim as a company to do our very best to protect the climate and create a world worth living in for future generations. This includes not just how the vehicles are powered: it covers all emissions generated by the cooperative and the products it uses. Examples include commuting by employees, suppliers’ carbon footprint, and the grey energy generated in the manufacture of vehicles and their batteries.

What does climate neutrality mean?

There are different levels of climate neutrality. Mobility aims to reach the highest level by 2040 (LCA).

  • Tank to Wheel: This refers to all driving emissions resulting from the direct combustion of fossil fuels.
  • Well to Tank: This refers to emissions that come about as a result of the production of energy (electricity production/oil production).
  • Well to Wheel: This is the emissions from driving and energy.
  • Life Cycle Assessment: These are emissions that occur over the entire lifecycle of a product (extraction of raw materials, production of vehicles or batteries, disposal, etc.).

Isn’t the timing very cautious?

Our goals are both realistic and ambitious. We expect have an all-electric fleet by 2030 at the latest. Of course: the faster, the better. However, we depend to a considerable extent on the charging infrastructure provided by our external partners and on our parking space rental companies. We only rent our parking spaces – we don’t not own them ourselves. What is more, public acceptance and technological development take time – and purchase prices are still very high. After all, we have to be able to operate our car sharing scheme profitably with electric cars.

Is e-mobility really more environment-friendly than efficient combustion engines?

This wouldn’t apply if electric cars were powered exclusively by coal-fired electricity. But our e-cars use 100% renewable energy, so they are guaranteed to be more sustainable than combustion engines.

How are the batteries actually disposed of?

There are now many ways in which batteries can be given a second lease of life as buffers when they are no longer suitable for use in cars. And various battery recycling systems are being established to return the valuable resources contained in the batteries to the manufacturing market.

You ask, we answer.

We hope we’ve been able to quench your thirst for knowledge. If not, no problem. We appreciate your interest in e-mobility and we’ll be glad to tell you everything you want to know. Get in touch with us here and post your question.

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