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All drive modes at your disposal, no matter which subscription you have

Mobility offers you complete freedom not only when choosing a subscription but also when using it.

For every journey, you can choose the right driving mode for you in the app or customer portal. Whether you’re driving there and back (Return) or just driving one way between specific Mobility stations, you have the freedom to choose.

Mobility Return

The classic car sharing scheme with Mobility: Reserve your vehicle via the app or online and bring it back to the starting point when you finish your journey.

With Return, you can use all vehicle categories and drive at our hourly and kilometre rates. These depend on the chosen vehicle category and include fuel, taxes, insurance, servicing, cleaning and repairs. You can find an overview here.

Mobility One-Way

One-way trips with Mobility One-Way, no matter which subscription you have: drive from Mobility station A to Mobility station B and simply leave the vehicle there.

One-Way is limited to certain Mobility stations and the combi (estate) vehicle category. The best way to find out which stations have vehicles available is to look directly in the app.

The following drive rate applies for One-Way journeys. Our prices include everything: Fuel, taxes, insurance, servicing, cleaning and repairs.

vehicle categorytime ratekilometre rate *one-way supplement
Combi3.00/h0.80/kmbetween 7.00 and 29.00

All prices in CHF incl. VAT.
Business Light: +CHF 1.00/h and +CHF 0.10/km
* Subject to fuel surcharges/discounts

One-Way station network

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