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Mobility Liability Reduction

Cover your business trips: with the Liability Reduction

Mobility business customers benefit from third-party, comprehensive and passenger insurance on every business trip.

It happens to the best of us – should you have a claim with one of our vehicles, Mobility’s Liability Reduction takes care of you. Mobility’s Liability Reduction offers comprehensive peace of mind. In the event of a claim, it reduces your deductible to a minimum of CHF 300 plus new and young driver surcharges.

Without this Liability Reduction, your deductible in the event of a claim could be up to CHF 4’000 (vehicle category Transport: CHF 5'000), depending on your age and driving experience. The optional Liability Reduction reduces your maximum deductible, thus saving you from any unpleasant surprises in the event of a claim. Your maximum deductible is based on your age and driving experience.

  • additional policy deductible for inexperienced drivers (customers holding a driving licence for less than three years): CHF 500
  • additional policy deductible for young drivers (persons under 28 years of age): CHF 500
  • plus handling fees up to a maximum of CHF 100 per claim

Further details can be found in our GTC

Charges for Liability Reduction for business customers

 Costs Liability reduction / Month
up to 24 subscriptions
CHF 12
25-100 subscriptions
>100 subscriptions

All prices exclude VAT.

The alternative to the monthly Liability Reduction:
Liability Reduction per journey for CHF 15 (vehicle category Transport CHF 30) + CHF 5 for young drivers and + CHF 5 for inexperienced drivers, including VAT (with deductible CHF 1'000*)

*plus handling fees up to a maximum of CHF 100 per claim


  1. Benefit
    Depending on the user’s age and driving experience, Liability Reduction reduces the deductible to a maximum amount per claim (max. CHF 5'000).
  2. Scope
    The benefit covers the entire Mobility vehicle fleet.
  3. Validity
    The Liability Reduction comes into immediate effect when purchased: for one journey, four months (business trial subscription) or twelve months (business subscription and business light). If the Liability Reduction is obtained, it only applies to the Mobility number concerned; it is not transferable to other Mobility numbers.
  4. Billing
    Liability Reduction is payable with your next invoice.
  5. Renewals
    The Liability Reduction for a business subscription or business light is automatically extended after twelve months. The Liability Reduction for a business trial subscription expires automatically after four months.
  6. Term and Termination
    The Liability Reduction for a business subscription or business light can be terminated monthly at the end of the month after the minimum term of twelve months, subject to a notice period of four weeks.

Examples of claims/damage events


If your company is not yet a Mobility customer, you can purchase the "Liability Reduction" insurance directly during the registration process. If you already have a business subscription, please contact our customer service.

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