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Your own station – with Mobility-Flex

Business as unusual

Mobility Flex is the most flexible car sharing service available – so it’s perfect for any business that has a new mindset and wants to do things better. Mobility Flex gives your own station right on the doorstep at your company premises – so you can be absolutely sure never to miss an appointment again. As an option, you can set fixed periods where the cars are reserved exclusively for use by your company. For even greater flexibility. Outside these fixed times, the vehicles are available to all Mobility users. And there’s more: from now on, the cars we provide are solely electrically powered or hybrid vehicles. In this way, we help you significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Want to join us? Cool. After all: sustainable action should be a matter of day-to-day business for all of us.

How Mobility Flex works

We have the perfect solution to suit every size of company for an optimum combination of business flexibility and ecological mobility – also as an add-on to public transport to guarantee a smooth and clean mobility chain to the next business appointment or after work. Our scheme is aimed equally at municipalities and housing estates, enabling citizens or tenants to share e-cars on a sound basis.

Get started!

  • You order Mobility Flex, and we deliver the vehicles of your choice directly to your doorstep.

  • You provide the parking space and power cable – we take care of the charging station and the rest.

  • Optional: with our availability guarantee, you can set fixed periods during which the cars are available exclusively for use by your company.

  • From now on, employees can book cars through the company account.

Your benefits

  • A Mobility station on your doorstep

  • A car is always there when you need it (with the option of an availability guarantee)

  • Zero hassle with company cars, no fleet management or claims management required

  • Everything is included – charging/fuel, charging station, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, service

  • Your Mobility drive volume is credited to your account

  • Optimum expenses handling – no more complex accounting of private trips

  • Your own company logo as branding on the vehicles

Full range of electrically powered vehicles

Which car should you opt for? Make the most of the diverse fleet of electric vehicles available when it comes to setting up your own Mobility station and be inspired by clean e-mobility. Our models offer excellent range and a completely new driving experience – quiet, comfortable and without exhaust fumes. Let’s make a difference together – electrically.

Driving more now means paying less

That’s what we call a perfect deal: you can set up your own Mobility station for an investment of as little as CHF 12’000 in the first year. You only pay the annual flat rate. In return, the drive volumes generated by the Mobility vehicle are credited to you. In a best-case scenario, Mobility Flex costs you nothing at all.

This is what you get in return

  • 100% of business-related sales generated by your team
  • 75% of sales generated by all other Mobility users

Success stories

Be inspired – and see how other companies are using Mobility Flex to great success. We’re happy to share this valuable experience with you here.

We should talk

Would you like to set up your own Mobility station, too? Get in touch with us. After all: every success story starts with a conversation. We look forward to meeting you. Together we can analyse your personal needs and find the best individual solution that suits you. Because we’re as flexible as Mobility Flex. And that's a promise!

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