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Carefree on all accounts with our offer for business customers

  • Save capital and CO2 and free up parking spaces with Mobility Business.
  • Perfectly flexible – have the right vehicle in the right place at the right time.
  • Discounts based on the number of drivers and usage.

Business subscription

Access to all vehicles and all stations across Switzerland with around-the-clock self-service.

  • Minimum term of 12 months
  • Monthly contribution of CHF 8 per driver
  • Drive rate from CHF 2.00/h und 0.55/km


Try the Business subscription

Experience how flexible and carefree your company’s mobility can be.

  • Term of 4 months
  • Monthly contribution of CHF 8 per driver
  • Drive rate from CHF 2.00/h und 0.55/km



Our offer for employees who rarely require mobility.

  • Unlimited term
  • No monthly contribution
  • Drive rate from CHF 3.00/h and CHF 0.65/km


Subscription fees excl. VAT.

Overview of Mobility Business rates

Our rates include everything: fuel, motor vehicle taxes, insurance, servicing, cleaning, repairs and our 24h Service Center. You don’t need to worry about a thing.

The Business drive rates apply for the Business subscription and the Business trial subscription.
In the absence of monthly contributions, i.e. with Business Light, a surcharge of +CHF 1.00/km and +CHF 0.10/h applies.

Vehicle category Time tariff km-tariff*
Budget 2.00/h 0.55/km
Economy Electro 2.50/h 0.65/km
Combi 3.00/h 0.80/km
Cabrio Emotion Minivan Transport 4.00/h 0.95/km

Prices in CHF, including VAT.
*Fuel surcharges and discounts reserved

Additional charges can apply, for example if a reservation is not initiated or is cancelled. See our PDF for a summary of all the additional benefits and charges:

How Mobility works for Business customers


Becoming a Business customer

Register business subscriptions online or ask for a consultation with a quote


Making a reservation

Book a car centrally via the app



Individual use with access to all important information via the app



Get an insight into your company’s mobility patterns

Get in and drive off – with Mobility Business

With a Business subscription, you have access to all Mobility vehicles (from electric vehicles to vans) at all Mobility stations at a reduced drive rate. Our rates include everything – you don’t have to worry about a thing.

1’530 stations

Mobility vehicles await you at 1’530 stations throughout Switzerland. Off you go.

3’120 vehicles

Mobility has a fleet of 3’120 different vehicles ready and waiting for you. Big, small, sporty, practical – we have the right vehicle for everyone.

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