“We practise what we preach.”

The sharing economy is a talking point in professional circles, too: land use planners Burkhalter Derungs AG, Lucerne promote environmentally benign, sustainable mobility for their staff – for example by means of car sharing. A senior manager, Elena Wiss, explains how it works.

Climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic have altered the teamworking landscape. How has that affected your staff’s mobility?

Before COVID-19, we were more conventional and mostly all worked in the office. But then, being obliged to work from home during the pandemic taught us to appreciate the benefits of not having to travel to work. That’s why we’ve now adopted a mixed model: staff now decide for themselves whether to come to the office or work from home. Most people now spend a day or two working from home.

Sustainable mobility: part of the company’s core business

What’s important to your staff in terms of mobility?

For us, mobility is key, as it’s central to our core business: we advise municipalities on mobility and show how making it sustainable can work. That’s why we also try to put our words into action as a company.

The sharing economy is increasingly making inroads into our private lives. Do you see a similar trend in your business environment?

Yes. All 14 members of staff come to the office by public transport or bicycle. We don’t provide any staff parking at the workplace. A car’s sometimes needed for appointments with clients, which is why the company owns a car – but only one. If we need more, then we use Mobility. It’s great for anyone working from home, as they don’t have to come to the office just to pick up the company car. Instead, they reserve one at the nearest Mobility station and drive straight to the client.

Private use of company car

How else do you promote sustainable mobility in your own company?

For instance by letting staff use the company car for private use, so they don’t have to personally own a car.

You often use Mobility to go and see clients. How to they react when they see you turn up in a Mobility car?

Very positively! After all, we’re advising them on sustainable mobility. By using Mobility to see clients instead of a company car, we’re practising what we preach in our advice to them. That goes down well.

Would you like your business to reap the benefits of the Mobility fleet as we head for a sustainable future?

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