Experience of a corporate car sharer

Repower AG offers services in the areas of production and grid facilities to business and industrial customers. Six months ago, it stationed two Mobility electric vehicles at its headquarters in Poschiavo. René Bleiker has been a grid electrician with Repower for ten years and regularly travels by car for his work. We met up with him and asked him about his experience of corporate car sharing.

What type of user are you?
I’ve been using corporate car sharing for my business trips since July 2022. I drive an average of 30 to 40 kilometres a day when I’m in the valley, and over 100 kilometres if I go into the Engadine.

The VW ID.3s were replaced by two Skoda ENYAQs in September. How would you compare the two cars?
Both are lovely cars, modern and pleasant to drive. But I’m glad we now have the Skodas, as the ID.3’s rear-wheel drive offers only limited traction in snow. The ENYAQ is great on snowy roads. In terms of range, being careful, I could do about 280 kilometres in the ID.3, depending on the amount of uphill and downhill driving, the time of year and the ambient temperature. The ENYAQ’s range is significantly higher.

Have you ever run out of battery?
Yes, once! Although I have to admit it was my fault. I wanted to find out whether it really delivered what the manufacturer promised in terms of range. In November I had to drive from Poschiavo to Chur, so I thought I’d try it without charging on the way. On the return leg of the journey in the evening, the car showed a range of zero kilometres a good kilometre before the Bernina pass! So I turned off the heating, the radio and everything else I could think of and made it to the top of the pass travelling at 20 to 25 km/h. On the way back down the other side, I was able to charge up enough to get me home. You can imagine my relief!

Would you describe yourself as a satisfied user, then?
Absolutely. In fact, my partner and I are thinking of giving up our second car, which we rarely drive anyway, and using Mobility instead. Since we live near Repower, this would be a good move from a financial point of view, plus we’d gain a parking space.

Do you have any advice for your colleagues?
Yes. If you’re driving a Mobility car for the first time, take a few minutes to find out exactly how it works and to adjust the seats and controls to your preferences. You need to do that whenever you drive cars that are also used by other people. The reserving and so on is very straightforward. And if you get a chance to charge it, do!

Thanks for the chat, René, and happy motoring!

Corporate car sharing with Mobility

Mobility’s business car sharing offer means Repower saves on company cars, parking spaces – and CO2. Repower also makes its two Mobility electric vehicles available to other companies as well as private customers. The ultimate aim is to reduce the ownership of second and third cars in the region.

Would you like your business to reap the benefits of the Mobility fleet as we head for a sustainable future?

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