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Mobility explained in brief – how it works.

Car sharing made easy: it’s really simple to rent a car with Mobility. Simply register, make a reservation and drive away!

As a Mobility customer, you can reserve your vehicle via the internet, app or over the phone at any time of the day or night. You then unlock the car using your Mobility Card or SwissPass and away you go. Mobility gives you complete flexibility thanks to access to 2’890 vehicles at 1’480 stations right across Switzerland.

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1 / Reserving

  • Via the app or online: Make, change or cancel reservations free of charge. Easily via the app (iPhone or Android) or in the Customer portal.

2 / Opening

  • Check the vehicle for damageReport any damage or defects immediately via the on-board computer (where available, free of charge) or by calling our 24h Service Center on 0848 824 812.
  • Getting in: The central locking releases/locks when you hold your Mobility Card or your registered SwissPass up to the Checkpoint on the windscreen (red sticker).
  • Driving off: Remove the key from the glove box and off you go! Some vehicles have a start/stop button.

3 / Driving

  • Free refuelling: When you switch off the ignition and remove the fuel card from the on-board computer, a PIN Code appears on the display. Don’t forget to insert the fuel card back into the on-board computer after refuelling.
    With the new type of on-board computer, the fuel card is in a separate compartment. The fuel gauge symbol appears on the screen: press it and the code appears. Using the fuel card and code, fill up as usual at the relevant filling stations.

    The fuel card can only be used in Switzerland, and only at petrol stations whose logo it bears. If for some reason you pay for the fuel, you may send us the receipt (marked clearly with your name, Mobility number and the number of the vehicle).
    List of participating petrol stations: BP (and Eni) / Shell / Avia
    --> Business customers who would like to refund the amount to their private account, should send the original receipt together with the fuel refund form repayment for fuel (PDF) by post.
  • Extending, shortening, bringing forward a reservation: The on-board computer (where available) or app allows you to extend, shorten or bring forward a reservation without any hassle or fuss. Please take note of the fees (PDF).

4 / Ending the reservation

  • Ending the drive: The vehicle must be returned to its original Mobility station with a fuel tank at least one third full. Place the key back in the glove box and lock the vehicle using your Mobility Card or SwissPass. If you end the drive early, you can end your reservation by pressing the “terminate” button in the app as soon as you are back. This will save you half of the cost of the remaining reservation period.
  • Paying: Your invoice is sent out periodically via email. Alternatively you can opt to settle your account by Direct Debit (bank) or using Swisspost's "Debit Direct" service – it’s really convenient. Form Direct debiting system (PDF)

Have you had a breakdown or accident?

If you have had a breakdown or accident, we will advise you directly over the phone and organise help for you. Get in touch with us on 0848 824 812.

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Frequently asked questions

I want to activate my SwissPass for use as a Mobility key. What do I have to do?

You can activate it very easily in the Customer portal under --> Profile --> SwissPass.

More informations

How far ahead should I reserve before a planned journey?

Mobility vehicles can be reserved around the clock right up to when you need them. Always reserve plenty of time to make sure your Mobility car is back at its station on time. Late returns incur additional charges.

Fair play and fees (PDF)