Support delegates as a replacement delegate

The position of replacement delegate

Replacement delegates perform a kind of standby function, succeeding or replacing elected delegates. Either they replace a delegate of their own section if the latter resigns during the ordinary term of office, or else they substitute for a delegate of their own section at an individual event.
Replacement delegates are Cooperative members themselves and are elected at their section assemblies for an ordinary term of two years.
Sections have the option of electing no more than half as many replacement delegates as delegates.

Replacement delegates are informed and involved

Replacement delegates are informed about Mobility business operations and developments as well as about their own section. They are provided with information by Mobility via additional information channels and attend Cooperative events (e.g. section assemblies, delegate forums, regional meetings, etc.). Replacement delegates are entitled to discounts as part of the Mobility program. Travel expenses and an attendance allowance are paid for attendance at the conference of delegates. There is a culture of addressing each other by first names among delegates and replacement delegates.

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