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Sharing e-mobility

Your own Mobility station right on your doorstep: simply register with Mobility and book via the app if required, drive off and return the vehicle to its dedicated parking space. Mobility enables housing estates and tenanted properties to benefit from sustainable, modern e-car sharing. It takes care of everything in the process, including the provision of e-cars, parking, charging points, cost of charging, insurance and servicing.

Join your tenants, Mobility and ewz and set your sights on a green future.

What does a Mobility e-station require?


  • Dedicated parking spaces accessible by the public (exceptions possible for companies)
  • Choice of e-car model from the Mobility fleet 
  • Expression of interest



  • Charging point(s)



  • Mobile telephony signal (LTE) strength check to ensure the vehicle can accept bookings
  • Car including booking system, servicing and 24-hour customer service

Model from the Mobility fleet (example model for each category):

The advantages with Mobility

We make it easy for you

  • Fewer vehicles, less space taking by parking, more space for tenants
  • We take care of  everything for you: electric car provision and servicing, installation and maintenance of the charging point(s) by ewz.


Together we protect the environment

  • The Mobility fleet’s already saving 31,000 tonnes of COâ‚‚ every year
  • Mobility cars enhance your tenanted property’s appeal
  • Studies show that each Mobility car replaces eleven privately owned cars
  • Wide selection of modern electric vehicles


Your tenants enjoy greater flexibility

  • It makes sense to replace second cars with Mobility, supplemented with public transport
  • Access not only to the Mobility car on your property, but to the entire Mobility fleet across Switzerland


You benefit from the Mobility community

  • 95% of Switzerland’s population is familiar with the Mobility brand
  • 200’000-plus users across Switzerland
  • Support for landlords in the form of advertising materials

100% ELECTRIC BY 2030

The goal of Switzerland’s largest car sharing provider is the electrification of the entire Mobility fleet by 2030. Because one thing’s for sure: 100% electric - together with you and ewz.
Ready for e-mobility?

Price framework

You could have a Mobility station installed on your premises for CHF 12’900 in the first year, all inclusive. From year two onwards, 75% of your tenants’ previous year's usage costs are deducted from the annual flat rate, or even 100% if you use the scheme yourself. This reduces the annual flat rate from year two onwards.

Enquire now

Would you like your business to reap the benefits of the Mobility fleet as we head for a sustainable future?
We look forward to being in touch.

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