The municipality of Lutry is committed to sustainable quality of living

With Mobility-Flex, the municipality of Lutry has opted for innovative mobility.

Situated just outside Lausanne, nestling idyllically between vineyards and Lake Geneva, the municipality of Lutry has a population of some 10'000. The people here have been committed to reducing road traffic for many years, seeking to promote future-oriented, combined transportation. To be more specific: Lutry has used Mobility since 2009 and introduced Mobility-Flex in 2018. Councillor Kilian Duggan justifies this decision as follows: «As a conurbation, Lausanne attracts a high volume of traffic. We are promoting environmentally compatible mobility by enabling people to cover a distance by combining car travel with public transportation.» The lack of parking spaces was another key aspect – after all, one Mobility vehicle replaces an average of 10 privately owned cars.

In addition to the existing estate car at the railway station, the municipality of Lutry has had an electric car stationed in a centrally located car park since March 2018. «The location is perfect,» says Kilian Duggan. «It's close to the administration building, shops and public transport and easy for people to get to.» Since a charging station was already available, the decision was quickly made in favour of an electrically powered car. The Renault Zoé can be used by the 90 municipality employees as well as by local residents. The municipality provides four transferable Mobility subscriptions for its staff, who sometimes need a car for meetings outside Lutry, for example. The electric car has been surprisingly impressive from the outset, easily coping with slopes and vineyards in the local area.

The municipality's logo has not yet been placed on the two Mobility vehicles but this is certainly a possibility, according to the councillor. After all, an innovative approach to mobility is a key element of the municipality's energy policy: it was awarded Energiestadt status in 2018.

«Our municipality bears the «Energiestadt» label. This means that sustainability and ecology are key criteria in all our decisions.»

Kilian Duggan, councillor and representative for mobility and security

Mobility-Flex offers a range of advantages for the municipality of Lutry

  • Mobility as a key element in qualifying for the Energiestadt label
  • Promotes sustainability mobility
  • Positive incentive for staff and local residents
  • Service provided by Mobility: 24-hour assistance in the event of breakdowns, accidents and damage, as well as regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Free choice of location
  • Simple reservation system
  • Transparent expense accounting
  • Possibility of placing a logo on Mobility cars
Do you also have a Mobility-Flex story? Send an e-mail to business(at) with a few lines describing your use of Mobility.

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