Investment in start-ups

The Mobility Cooperative’s dual approach to innovation sees us developing pioneering solutions for our core car sharing product as well as investing in promising start-ups in complementary business areas. In line with our vision, we promote technologies and services that make mobility in Switzerland more efficient, more environmentally considerate and more accessible. We participate strategically in the investments and provide active support involving market access, a large network and our strong brand.

Our investment focus

Investment criteria

Geographical focus

We invest in start-ups based in Switzerland.


Our investments focus on start-ups that have already launched their product on the market and acquired their first customers.


We take minority stakes in late seed and Series A rounds of up to CHF 500k.


We typically participate in financing rounds in the early stages of start-ups. We play an active role in coordinating and contributing our expertise, and provide support by actively exercising our mandate on the board of directors.


Share more, get more: our commitment to start-ups


Mobility looks back on almost 30 years of experience in shared mobility. We’re proud to be one of the few companies in the world to operate profitably in this market.


We willingly contribute our international network in the mobility and energy sector to our investments. We act as facilitator for our ventures.

Switzerland-wide fleet

Mobility operates a fleet of over 3’000 vehicles throughout Switzerland. Big, small, sporty, practical – and all-electric by 2030. The perfect basis for testing innovative fleet solutions.

Strong brand and 260’000 customers

92% of the Swiss population is aware of Mobility and over 270’000 customers trust our offer.  

The Mobility Lab team

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