More flexibility, less effort: why SSE Engineering AG uses Mobility

SSE Engineering AG supports clients and architects in the planning and implementation of future-oriented solutions in the areas of energy and automation. The company also demonstrates a spirit of innovation in its own vehicle fleet.

New technologies, climate-efficient construction, advancing digitisation: for some years now, barely one stone has been left unturned in the construction industry. “These are challenging but exciting times,” declares Markus Zurbuchen, Managing Director and co-owner of SSE Engineering AG in Ostermundigen. The company has spent over 35 years supporting its clients in complex planning and construction projects. The team comprises engineers, technicians and electrical draughtsmen, among others.

It goes without saying that SSE Engineering AG’s employees are often required to be on site and thus correspondingly mobile. For the first 20 years, they used their private cars get about. Later, the management decided to purchase two company vehicles. "That wasn’t the best solution,” recalls Markus Zurbuchen. “The cars weren’t cleaned, the tank was always half empty – no one felt responsible for them.”

The Mobility Tesla is highly popular

In search of a more practical as well as sustainable solution, SSE Engineering AG finally landed on Mobility. The engineering and planning office has had its own mini Mobility fleet comprising two vehicles for six years now. The previous hybrids cars were recently replaced by two electric vehicles – a Volkswagen ID.3 and a Tesla Model 3. The latter in particular is proving very popular. “Unlike other Mobility cars, the white Tesla is especially attractive among our younger team members,” reports Sarah Meyer, head of Management Support and the company’s other co-owner. ​​​

“Flexibility has increased enormously”

With Mobility, SSE Engineering AG has found the ideal solution for its mobility needs. Thanks to the corporate car sharing product, employees have access to the entire fleet and book the vehicles via the Mobility app. If necessary, they can hire a vehicle directly from home to get to a building site elsewhere in Switzerland. “Because Mobility takes care of the fleet management, the organisational effort for us has been reduced to almost nothing,” says Meyer. “We always have a clean and well-maintained vehicle.” The investment in the two charging points has long since paid off, not least because part of the Mobility cars’ drive revenues are credited to the Flex contracts. In addition, the logo of SSE Engineering AG was emblazoned on both Mobility cars some time ago.

It’s worth pointing out that the fact that SSE Engineering AG now has access to Mobility vehicles doesn’t mean that employees only travel by car. “The aim is for the means of transport to be combined in a way that makes sense,” says Markus Zurbuchen. An electric bike is available for short distances. And all employees receive a Half-Fare travelcard, which makes the Mobility offering ideal for combining with longer train journeys. “This flexibility is hugely practical as well as valuable,” declares the managing director.

Would you like your company to benefit from the advantages offered by the Mobility fleet as well and join us as we head off to a sustainable future?

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