Transforming mobility together

Mobility has set some ambitious goals: we are aiming to be climate neutral by 2040 and operating a purely electric fleet by 2030. With this in mind, we have taken some crucial steps over the past fiscal year and forged some valuable partnerships. In spite of the ongoing pandemic, 2021 was a positive year for the cooperative.

Our society is in a state of upheaval and many changes have been intensified or accelerated by COVID-19. This is true for mobility, too, which is inevitably becoming more sustainable. At the same time, digitalisation is proving an increasingly important issue for customers, who want the most intuitive and seamlessly interlinked services possible. Mobility is therefore also working on upgrading its app. On top of this, we are seeing a trend towards more individualised transport, which calls for tailored services. Mobility is absolutely determined to play an active part in steering these developments at all levels – after all, being a pioneer is something that is deeply rooted in our values.

Our first step is to electrify our entire fleet. Around 200 e-vehicles were already in use by the end of the year under review, with as many again due to be introduced by 2023. However, as before, this scheme is still very much in the development stage, as the charging infrastructure in particular is posing both technical and organisational challenges. But we are not rushing into anything and are currently doing our homework to enable us to address any issues pushing ahead with this project and offer all of our customers a consistent charging experience.

To expand our charging network, we have joined forces with three partners within the past year. There is a logic behind this. We firmly believe that strategic partnerships will help us move forwards in all areas. Let’s consider the town of Wil, for example, where all local residents have been given a Mobility annual subscription as part of a joint scheme. Wil is also the first town in Switzerland where we are operating exclusively with electric vehicles. And while we’re on the subject of partnerships, let’s not forget the one we have in place with the Raiffeisen cooperative bank, which now has the option of opening Mobility stations at its branches.

We are keen to innovate and rethink the concept of mobility in our country, but the conditions need to be just right for this. That is why we became one of the founding members of CHACOMO (the Swiss Alliance for Collaborative Mobility), an industry association set up at the end of 2021 that brings together providers of shared mobility services. This gives us the opportunity to raise our concerns on a united front across a wide platform. Meanwhile, Mobility has also stepped up its ongoing dialogue with Switzerland’s major cities.

We also want to draw on our own resources and reach out more to members of the cooperative. Maintaining a dynamic dialogue on
an equal footing is important to us. To this end, we want to increase our use of the digital
platforms that we first started to engage with in 2021. We have a strong community of 75’000 multipliers, and mobilising them adds impetus to our further development.

Mobility is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022. We have now been a successful provider of car sharing services for a quarter of a century and increasing numbers of people in Switzerland are enjoying the benefits of shared mobility. In the year under review, for example, our customer base expanded by a further 9 % – or 22’200 people. This encouraging growth in the private customer segment was one of the reasons why we enjoyed an increase in both turnover and profit too. We are therefore investing further in building a sustainable and digital future for mobility.

Thank you for your trust in us, for your loyalty and for your dedication to our cause. We hope you share many wonderful moments together.

Ecological sustainability

Moving towards climate neutrality.

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