Annual cycle

Section assemblies

The Mobility Cooperative is geographically subdivided throughout Switzerland into 19 sections. In these sections, assemblies are held in the months of January to March to which all members of the relevant section are invited. We provide members with information on developments, projects and general operational matters. Members are encouraged to get involved in the decision-making process and put their names forward as prospective delegates or replacement delegates.

Conference of delegates

In addition to the general vote, the conference of delegates is the supreme body of the Cooperative. It is held once a year, no later than June. All delegates are invited to attend. The competencies of the conference of delegates are set out in the statutes.

Delegate forums

Mobility invites all delegates and replacement delegates to attend four regional forums in the months of October or November. The forums serve as a discussion and information platform to enable direct dialogue between the administration and owner representatives. They also allow those involved to focus on current issues.


The Mobility administration invites the chairpersons to an exchange on a focus topic at least three times a year.

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