Hundredth municipality benefits from Mobility Flex

A white Renault Zoe 400 bearing red Mobility lettering has been stationed in Orpund since August 2019. This makes the municipality in the Biel conurbation the hundredth in Switzerland to reap the benefits of Mobility Flex. We celebrate together!

Sustainability meets mobility

Orpund’s 2800 inhabitants are keen on environmental protection and alternative energy: a photovoltaic array is planned for the school premises, wood pellets are replacing gas for heating, and clean-up days are organised. Alongside all of this, the municipality wants to promote electromobility: seeking to offer its staff an electric car for their official business that could be shared with the wider community, it contacted Mobility. Mayor Jürg Räber is delighted: «We were adamant that everyone – staff and residents – should benefit from the new electric vehicle.» A win-win situation, in other words. The municipality worked with Mobility to create the new location for the Renault Zoe.

Central location

How and where is the vehicle charged? «Located in the village square are two charging points, one for the Mobility vehicle, the second for other EVs,» explains the mayor, who himself owns an electric vehicle. The site is ideal because that is also where three bus routes stop – Orpund benefits from good transport links with the region. The Mobility Flex product is capable of being expanded, an important consideration for a growing municipality that will see the building of some 150 new dwellings over the next two years. The municipality is hoping that the new arrivals will make active use of the new amenity.

«The Zoe is already being put to work,» reports Peter Schmutz, who works for the municipality. He expresses himself delighted with his most recent experience: «We had to go to Huttwil on municipal business and were amazed to be able to drive the whole distance of over 100 kilometres without having to charge the car.» If the conditions are right, the EV is capable of going even further – up to 300 kilometres, according to the manufacturer.

Register, book and drive

The Renault ZOE 400 is available around the clock to municipal staff (using a transferable business subscription) and all other Mobility customers: all they have to do is make a reservation via the Mobility app before driving off. Anyone wishing to take advantage of the service but is not a Mobility customer yet can register here.

Orpund municipality and Mobility celebrating together: the new Renault ZOE 400 in the village centre. (from left: Peter Schmutz, Municipal Secretary; Anita Kirchberg, Head B2B Mobility; Jürg Räber, Mayor of Orpund)

Benefits of Mobility Flex for municipalities

  • Car sharing location wherever you want
  • Helps reduce traffic; works well in combination with public transport
  • Sustainable mobility for all: residents and municipal staff
  • Your municipality is seen as progressive
  • Simple reservation system
  • Service provided by Mobility: cleaning and maintenance, 24/7 assistance in the event of breakdown, accident or damage
Do you also have a Mobility-Flex story? Send an e-mail to business(at) with a few lines describing your use of Mobility.

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