Moving home?

The boxes are piling up endlessly – and you want to take that floor lamp with you, too? Make sure you get the space you need – with a van from Mobility, for example. Get your mobilityTEST now and start kitting out your new home.

Going to the mountains?

Going hiking with bag and baggage at the weekend? With the Mobility car, you'll arrive at your destination in comfort. We have the right car for every trip.

Got an away game?

Your job is to make life really difficult for the other team – our job is to give you the right vehicle to get you going on the road to victory. Have you tried mobilityTEST and the app yet? If not, it’s high time you did!

Meeting coming up?

Our 3’000 cars are ready and waiting for you – at around 1,500 stations throughout Switzerland. Get on the road to close the deal of a lifetime now with a no-obligation Mobility business subscription!

Need to deal with the recycling?

Off to the disposal. All your old glass, PET and cardboard can simply be stowed away in the city runabout. Do you also have to take the old sofa and electronic waste? Then everything fits in the van. 

Got a big project?

Are you becoming a do-it-yourselfer and need all kinds of things for it? Our more than 3,000 vehicles will take care of the hauling. So you can concentrate fully on your project. 

Visiting the family?

If you need room in the car for the whole family and all kinds of extra baggage, we’re here to help. We have the perfect estate car or minivan for your family trip. Now’s the time to make the most of mobilityTEST and low rates.

Learning to drive?

Transfer your Mario Kart skills safely to real-life roads – we can help you by giving you the right car. Get moblityLEARN and become a skilled driver in the vehicle of your choice.

Got a big shop to do?

Too many shopping bags? You shouldn’t have to lug them all home. Get your mobilityTEST now, choose the right vehicle – and may the weekend shopping spree begin!

That's why sharing is so much better than owning.

There are lots of good reasons for doing without a car of your own – don’t you think? Discover the benefits of Mobility and see for yourself – here in the video.

Which subscription suits you best?


Do you want to try Mobility before signing up? Get access to more than 3’000 vehicles across Switzerland for 3 months with no monthly fees. What are you waiting for?



Do you like to invest in good solutions for the future? With mobilityMEMBER, you not only gain a share in Mobility with 75’000 other like-minded people, you also benefit from our best conditions. 20% off 3 long journeys each year? We think that’s fair.



Not yet turned 28? Then mobilityYOUNG is definitely the best choice for you. All the benefits of Mobility at the best rates with no obligation or monthly fees. Don’t think, just go!


Are you a longstanding Mobility user?

Whether for a move, a family outing or your weekly shopping trip – we can always offer you the right vehicle to suit every situation. Already in the picture?

Our drive rates

You pick the vehicle, we’ll take care of the rest: The transparent Mobility drive rates are based on the vehicle category you choose and include: fuel & electricity, motor vehicle taxes, insurance, servicing, cleaning and repairs.

Vehicle category Time tariff km-tariff*












Prices in CHF, including VAT
* Fuel/energy surcharges and discounts reserved

Calculate journey price

Our vehicles – the right vehicle for every journey

Do you need a practical compact car for the city, a roomy estate car for shopping or a van for moving house? With Mobility, you can have them all.

Below, you can find an example model for each category. You can see the availability of each category in the app or on our station map.

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suitable for learner drivers
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Key: D = Diesel, P = Petrol, A = Automatic transmission, M = Manual transmission

You can offset the CO2 you emit during your Mobility motoring by paying an extra minimal amount of just three centimes per kilometre.

Ready to TEST?

Do you like electric cars, minivans, estate cars or city speeders? Over 3’000 vehicles await you at around 1,500 stations – all in a single app. Opt for mobilityTEST and try out Mobility for 3 months. 

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