Cause We Care – protecting the climate together

Mobility is expanding its existing carbon offsetting solution with myclimate – enabling us to make your transportation even more climate-friendly, both today and in the future.

With a small voluntary climate contribution of 3 centimes per kilometre, you can offset your carbon emissions while at the same time supporting Mobility sustainability projects. We match your contribution and put both amounts into our «Cause We Care» fund.

How it works

Cost example

An annual mileage of 400 kilometres incurs costs of just CHF 12: you can make difference and hardly notice it financially. So why not join in and contribute to protecting the environment!


Not a Mobility customer yet? Sign up for «Cause We Care» (carbon offsetting) directly during the registration process (click here for subscriptions).

If you are already a customer, you have the following options:

  • In the app: while placing your vehicle reservation
  • In the customer portal: while placing your vehicle reservation or under «Additional extras»


Mobility’s corporate purpose: acting sustainably.

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