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For your first outings at the wheel

With our subscription for learner drivers, you can gain one year of experience to prepare for your driving test for CHF 149.

Before or after your driving test? It doesn’t matter – we have the right car-sharing offer for you, whatever your situation. Get on board today and become part of the mobility of the future.


With the subscription for learner drivers, you can gain experience driving in road traffic quickly and easily. For CHF 149, you can practice driving in Mobility vehicles for one year in preparation for your driving test. You have various vehicle categories at your disposal so that you become an expert at driving with a large variety of cars.

Private learner journeys

  • Valid provisional driving licence required.
  • Accompanying person needed.
  • Learner journeys must only be undertaken with an accompanying person who is 23 years of age or older and has held the category B driving licence for at least three years and no longer holds this on probation.
  • People who are deaf or physically disabled may only be accompanied by an officially approved instructor.
  • Selection of vehicles based on legal requirements.

Our drive rates

You pick the vehicle, we’ll take care of the rest: The transparent Mobility drive rates are based on the vehicle category you choose and include: fuel & electricity, motor vehicle taxes, insurance, servicing, cleaning and repairs.

Vehicle category Time tariff km-tariff*









Prices in CHF, including VAT
Limited choice of vehicles suitable for learner drivers in certain categories.
* Fuel/energy surcharges and discounts reserved

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Our vehicles – the right vehicle for every journey

Do you need a practical compact car for the city, a roomy estate car for shopping or a van for moving house? With Mobility, you can have them all.

Below, you can find an example model for each category. You can see the availability of each category in the app or on our station map.

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suitable for learner drivers
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Ready to LEARN?

Our cars are waiting for you. Are you ready to gain experience in road traffic and become an expert?

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