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“Somehow there are more downsides than upsides to owning a car.”

You don’t want to spend your money on running a car? And you’d rather not waste your time on the paperwork involved or looking for somewhere to park it? That makes sense! If you still want to be mobile and you’re not yet 28, you should read on now. 



“Brake hard, steer gently!”

In a bid to improve road safety, Mobility has joined forces with the TCS to offer discounted driver training courses. Our author went back to basics.



Visit to an (almost) forgotten valley

Switzerland has so many exciting valleys that one or the other tends to get forgotten. This is also true of Bergell, which connects the Upper Engadine with Chiavenna in Italy. October is the right month to finally pay a visit to the neglected Bergell with a two-day trip.



One day – one little country

You go on a road trip to explore something new and gain fresh impressions. But what if all the known routes have already been travelled? That's when it’s time for insider tips: the lesser known but often more intriguing routes. Such as this road trip through our beautiful neighbouring country, for example.



Actions speak louder than words!

The word ‘solidarity’ is currently seeing a boom. But what does it mean exactly? And do we really develop a sense of solidarity in times of crisis?



Positive stress is one of the reasons I became an artist

Together with the winner of the Watson-Young competition Cristina, Gigga Hug was given the opportunity to design a car in the Mobility fleet. We talked to the Bernese artist about art on a moving object, virtual collaboration and positive stress ... and cars, of course.



Ten great winter excursion tips for you

Sporty action or relaxation, alone or with the family, in the forest or on the slopes: Mobility gets you quickly and flexibly to some places that are great to discover in winter. We’ve put together some tips for you here.



Why forests make us healthier

What has long been a trend in Japan is increasingly catching on in Europe, too: “forest bathing”. We explain what it’s all about and why it really is good for you.



Art against stereotypes

An arts festival in Basel hopes to challenge and broaden narrow perspectives of the African continent. Festival co-director Benjamin Füglister explains how.



The most tree-rich excursions in Switzerland

You can marvel at trees, live in them – or even use them for culinary purposes: all this is possible in Switzerland. We have collected the most fascinating excursion tips for you.


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