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Why forests make us healthier

What has long been a trend in Japan is increasingly catching on in Europe, too: “forest bathing”. We explain what it’s all about and why it really is good for you.



Art against stereotypes

An arts festival in Basel hopes to challenge and broaden narrow perspectives of the African continent. Festival co-director Benjamin Füglister explains how.



The most tree-rich excursions in Switzerland

You can marvel at trees, live in them – or even use them for culinary purposes: all this is possible in Switzerland. We have collected the most fascinating excursion tips for you.



Road trip around Norway in an electric car? Yep! Sort of. A progress report.

Summer holidays in an electric car. Are they possible? How do you drive when you aren’t exactly sure where the next charging station is? Mobility employee Adrian Boller was brave enough to give it a go in Norway.



To have 10,000 francs or not - that is the question here!



Travelling - but let’s keep it flexible!

Four young people tried it: Find out how to holiday by train and Mobility. The selected tour is the Alpine Circle in Graubünden, with the Rhaetian Railway and Swiss Youth Hostels. This is it!



Welcome to Generation Z

Hydrogen-powered cars are developing much more slowly than e-cars. Mobility NEO will be featuring a number of articles looking at why this is the case. Today we focus on the classic chicken-and-egg problem: are a lack of filling stations preventing the mass spread of H2 cars, or vice versa?



Zero waste. Is it possible?

Our waste pollutes the environment. That’s why the zero waste movement is trying to produce as little of it as possible. But how can it be done? We asked Rosanna Brady from Lucerne.



What is your microadventure? Win a Hotelcard voucher worth Sfr 500.

We want to know which microadventures you experience with Mobility. Your video story of the best microadventure will be entered into a prize draw to win a voucher worth CHF 500 for Hotelcard. Hotelcard gives you access to great hotel offers in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy for 30-50% less.



Urban gardening: there’s always room to grow

You don’t have a garden, but you'd still like to harvest fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables? No worries: you can grow a surprising amount on your balcony or terrace – or even on the wall of a building. We present some urban gardening trends that are guaranteed to include something that takes your fancy.


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