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This sensor doesn’t miss a scratch

Mobility has to deal with over 3’500 claims involving its vehicles every year. (Too) often, it’s unclear how the damage occurred – and who’s responsible for it. A sophisticated sensor system’s now about to change all that. Mobility Fleet Manager Viktor Wyler answers key questions regarding the new sensor boxes.



Mobility and Raiffeisen: success through common values

The partnership between Raiffeisen and Mobility was launched a year ago – by the end of this year, some 50 branches of the Raiffeisen Bank will be equipped with electric cars from Mobility. Mario Dietsche (Head of Member Marketing at Raiffeisen) explains why the cooperation between the two cooperatives is working so well.



Taking a position

Who decides where Mobility cars should be stationed? Natalie Brandenberg and Janine Pilloud Emmenegger, to name but two. They’re part of a team that analyses and weighs up data and criteria. An insight into the complex world of location selection, where customers are also able to make suggestions.



The fine art of making a scratch vanish

Damage is quickly done, but the repair takes time. Our visit to the bodywork specialists shows you the amount of effort it takes to fix a dent or scratch on a car – and how much just one litre of car paint costs.



“Brake hard, steer gently!”

In a bid to improve road safety, Mobility has joined forces with the TCS to offer discounted driver training courses. Our author went back to basics.



Accident: bang! Crash! And now?

What needs to be done if you have an accident or cause damage while driving a Mobility car? Read on to find out.



Part of the solution instead of part of the problem: when Mobility cars become power banks

In the pilot project ‘V2X Suisse’, 50 Mobility electric cars are being used as power banks. When not being driven, they return electric power – thereby providing relief for the power grid.



The people behind the red cars: meet our Mobility crew!

Mobility’s employees. From vehicle supervisor and data analytics platform specialist to claims management team leader: Mobility brings together a whole range of specialists.



“A sustainable lifestyle has to be effortless”

Rebecca Karbaumer is the newly elected member of the Board of Directors of the Mobility Cooperative. She is all in favour of more emotions and diversity in the industry – and she wants to make car sharing rock. Though personally she actually prefers to listen to classical music.



A baby is born on the passenger seat

Every time a child is born, it is a unique, wonderful and unforgettable event. But not every birth is as spectacular as that of Daniel Bögel: he was born in a Mobility vehicle. In spite of this – or perhaps because of it – his family couldn’t have wished for a better birth.


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