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Mobility electric cars are catching up with petrols and diesels

On the Europaallee (Zurich), you've been able to buy ten electric cars from different brands for a year now. The figures show that Young people like this in particular. The range of an electric car is particularly suited to car-sharing trips. An interim result.



Electric cars and hybrid cars: frequently asked questions

250'000 people use our red car-sharing cars as part of their every day mobility. It's no surprise that there are quite a number of practical questions. Today we're answering the most common ones on the subject of electric and hybrid cars. We're also explaining how to look for and book new electric vehicles.



How long is left before the end of the petrol engine?

Europe is aiming to become the first climate-neutral continent. Among other initiatives is an EU-wide ban on the production and sale of new petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicles, which is expected to come into force in 2035. But what other solutions are being mooted, and how realistic is the EU’s ambitious plan to reduce its CO2 emissions?



To have 10,000 francs or not - that is the question here!



Car sharing only works with respect for others

[Translate to English:] Fast 200 Personen geben alles dafür, Mobility-Autos sauber und sicher zu halten. Ihr Chef Markus Hyler ist seit sieben Jahren an Bord. Von ihm wollen wir wissen: Wie sieht es bei Mobility punkto Schäden und Sauberkeit aus? Und sind Mobility-Nutzende tatsächlich so schlechte Fahrer/innen, wie böse Zungen behaupten?



Mobility in numbers

More and more people in Switzerland are opting for Mobility. Here’s an overview of the key figures on our fast-growing cooperative. There’s more: leave a comment with your answer to the following question for your chance to earn drive credit worth CHF 50. “How many tonnes of CO2 does Mobility help prevent from ending up in the atmosphere every year?”



National Climate Day

[Translate to English:] Mobility präsentierte sich am 27. Mai als Partnerin beim Nationalen Klimatag. Unser CEO Roland Lötscher diskutiert mit Peter Arnet der BKW Smart Energy & Mobility, Dr. Alois Freidhof vom Bundesamt für Energie und Judith Häberli von Urban Connect die Zukunft der Mobilität und deren nachhaltige Entwicklung. Die Videoaufzeichnung dieser Podiumsdiskussion kannst du hier in ihrer vollen Länge ansehen.



Off we go: Mobility to install hundreds of electric charging stations throughout the whole of Switzerland

In the future, Mobility intends to go all electric. In order to ensure the e-cars get enough power, Mobility is building hundreds of charging stations in collaboration with partners. What exactly is planned? And what does that mean for you as a Mobility user? We answer the most important questions.



“We need new ways of living – not just new ways of powering cars.”

He is the very personification of car sharing: after 27 years with Mobility and its predecessor companies, Joe Willi is now letting the younger generation take over as he takes a well-earned retirement. Before that happens, we asked him how Mobility grew, how he sees the future of transportation and what he is most looking forward to in the next phase of his life.



Has the driving test gone out of fashion?

Driving test


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