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Saving the climate – via app

Want to do something for the environment by reducing your ecological footprint and embracing sustainability? We tried out various apps for you – here we present the top three. All are free of charge and available for both iOS and Android.



Electric car batteries: from second life to recycling

What can we do with spent batteries from electric cars? Various companies and research institutions worldwide are working on solutions to this important question. After all, batteries contain lots of valuable raw materials. The answer is to give batteries a second life by using them as stationary storage batteries before they are finally recycled.



A footprint with consequences

Do you know what your carbon footprint is? No? For some years now, it has been considered an important measure of environmental pollution and sustainability. We will tell you more about it.



Trains and cars leave a footprint too

Want to opt for eco-friendly travel? There are several factors to consider – especially the hidden energy consumption or so-called “grey energy”.



Saving energy in day-to-day life

Each and every one of us can easily save energy in our day-to-day lives – whether in our consumer habits, our diet or at the office. Why should we do it? It’s simple: saving energy is one of the most effective and simplest ways of protecting the climate.

Here are some useful tips for you. 



The plastics problem

Welcome to the age of plastics! A life without plastics is inconceivable. After all, they provide us with valuable services in the form of packaging, furniture, toys, clothing, medical products and much more besides. But plastic comes at a high price. Here’s why.



Alternatives to plastic: how to get through day-to-day life without plastic.

Did you know that the Swiss produce around 100 kg of plastic waste per capita and year? Fortunately, there are more and more alternatives to plastic products – especially in the household sector.



“Despite more environmental awareness, many people aren’t changing their behaviour.”

Transport Expert Timo Ohnmacht talks about overly cheap flights, ambitious climate goals and the impact our individual lifestyles have on mobility.



Electromobility: a saviour or a hype?

Electric cars have major environmental advantages, which is why they are the talk of the town. But is all that glitters gold?



Mobility switches entirely to electric cars to achieve carbon neutrality

Mobility customers and the environment have cause for celebration: all Mobility vehicles will be emission-free by 2030 at the latest. What is more, the cooperative aims to be carbon neutral by 2040. The biggest obstacle: the electric charging infrastructure.


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