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“Cars have to become more social”

Autonomous cars, assistance systems, data overload: transportation is becoming more and more digital – and at an increasingly fast rate, too. We talked to transport expert Martin Schonger about where we stand now and where things are heading.



Mobility goes electric: 150 electric cars at railway stations

SBB builds the charging infrastructure and Mobility uses it: by 2023 you will be able to use 150 new electric cars at railway stations right across Switzerland. It all starts on Europaallee next to Zurich’s main railway station, where you can try out the full range of electric cars – including four that are new to Switzerland. The next set of stations will follow at Aarau, Geneva Eaux-Vives and Morges.



“I am curious as to whether the world will still need driving instructors in 20 years.”

Driving instructor Daniel Fehlmann from Bern talks about nerves of steel, self-driving cars being a job killer and the nonsense of new traffic laws.



Air taxis – is the sky becoming a traffic highway?

When there’s no more room on the ground, everything moves into the air: many companies and dozens of start-ups are working on drones that will be able to carry people – initially with a pilot and later autonomously, according to the vision.



Does Switzerland’s transportation future lie underground?

Will tunnels be the saviours of transport policy? Is the conquest of the subterranean realm part of a sustainable and networked mobility vision? Safe for goods – but not necessarily for people and passenger transport: that’s the current state of affairs.



Electromobility: a saviour or a hype?

Electric cars have major environmental advantages, which is why they are the talk of the town. But is all that glitters gold?



The self-driving shuttle as a valuable lesson

The autonomous “MyShuttle” minibus that Mobility is operating together with partners in Zug has done its duty: the pilot project finished at the end of 2019. The results were mixed. Autonomous driving certainly has a bright future ahead of it, but it also has major hurdles to overcome in urban transport.


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