Rethinking fleet management with corporate car sharing

Company-owned or leased vehicles are making less and less sense financially. In the long term, companies will not be able to avoid adopting car sharing. So why wait – get on board today.


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Many businesses still maintain their own vehicle fleets. The rationale: to ensure that staff get from A to B quickly, productivity increases and the business runs smoothly. However, when business mobility collapsed during the pandemic and much of the work was transferred online, company vehicles were immobile for weeks, generating only costs. Going forward, staff will travel less, and not always from the same location. Businesses therefore need to consider whether their expensive fleet and its time-consuming management are still fit for purpose.

Switzerland’s largest vehicle fleet

Mobility is an expert in fleet management. The cooperative maintains the largest vehicle fleet in Switzerland: close on 250,000 users have access to over 3,000 vehicles – day in, day out. For businesses, too, flexible car sharing can provide an alternative to static company vehicles. Car sharing eliminates high fixed overheads, maintenance, administration and coordination, and the online registration of employees is simple. The concept of corporate car sharing is also more sustainable, because multiple users share a few cars. To date, Mobility has already deployed some 300 all-electric cars. It intends to electrify its entire fleet by 2030.

Car sharing for business: simplicity and convenience plus a large choice

Car sharing for business customers works in the same way as for the private sector – except that the bills go to the users’ employer. Customers using car sharing for private as well as business purposes can have both uses combined under one login – and select accordingly when making a reservation. Business customers have access to all the vehicles in the Mobility fleet.

24/7 customer service

Another major advantage of corporate car sharing is the professional round-the-clock service that customers benefit from. Everything needed for a journey – a clean, serviced vehicle, fuel or electricity and insurance – is included in the price. This means that someone from Mobility can always be reached for questions about reservations or the vehicle, as well as in the event of damage or problems. Maybe a warning light is flashing and the user is unsure what this means: the 24h customer service team has the answer. Or the user’s driving an electric car for the first time and doesn’t know how the charging cable works: a quick call is all it takes for the customer service team to offer help and reassurance in the new world of electromobility.

Further information

Corporate car sharing with Mobility: business car sharing means customers save on company cars and parking spaces and reduce their CO2 footprint at the same time. The Mobility fleet is available to them 24/7 throughout Switzerland – and it’s easy and quick to book via the app. Corporate car sharing | Your company car with Mobility

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