[Translate to English:] Mitarbeitende von Mobility im Gespräch

The people behind the red cars: meet our Mobility crew!

From vehicle supervisor and data analytics platform specialist to claims management team leader: Mobility brings together a whole range of specialists. Read on to meet some of the people who work for us.


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It’s a known fact that Mobility operates more than 2860 vehicles at over 1530 locations in Switzerland. Less well known, however, are the people who make Mobility possible. We think we should correct that! After all, every one of them makes a significant contribution to the success of our car sharing organisation. As of 1 September 2022, Mobility had exactly 223 employees. Regardless of who they are and what they do, they all agree on one thing: Mobility’s corporate culture is unique. And that’s not just because they receive an annual Half-Fare travel card or free fruit baskets in the office. In the following videos, some of them reveal what they like about their job – and what makes Mobility unique.

Want to join us?

Interested in exciting opportunities in an innovative environment? Keen to help us develop car sharing as a sustainable service – and enjoy a great working atmosphere, open-minded and receptive people and flexible working? Then apply now! Our vacancies are posted on the Mobilityjobs portal.

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