Let's go to the garden centre!

Imagine you had your own little plant paradise right outside your balcony or garden door. The scent of fresh herbs, the multi-coloured splendour of the blossoms, the taste of ripe tomatoes and berries – what better way to put yourself in a good mood! You can find out what you need and how to go about it sustainably in the following video.


  • Sustainability

In a previous article (https://www.mobility.ch/en/magazine/lifestyle/urban-gardening-theres-always-room-to-grow) we reported on urban gardening and offered some tips on how to plant a lot in a small area so as to be able to enjoy the fruits of your efforts later.

Compost, pots and food for insects

Did you know that there are herbs that should never be potted together? Gardening expert Adriana advised us on what to buy at the garden centre so as to be sure of a rich yield – not just for ourselves but for the honey bees (wild bees), bumblebees and butterflies, too. At the end of our shopping tour, we were able to conveniently load everything we needed into our Mobility car. And hey presto: the balcony garden was planted!

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