Cash in your superpoints for drive credits

The Coop Supercard gives you savings on Mobility! Collect valuable superpoints every time you go shopping at Coop and partner outlets: these can then be cashed in for a Mobility drive credit at the Supercard Reward Shop.

Every 5'000 superpoints earn drive credit to the value of CHF 50.

How superpoints work

Redeem your superpoints for Mobility drive credit in the Supercard rewards shop.

  • When you next make a reservation, enter the voucher code under “Discount code” and make the reservation.
  • The amount will then be deducted directly from your travel costs and the remaining credit (if any) will be credited to your Mobility account.

Important information:
The voucher is not personal and is therefore freely transferable. It is valid for two years. Enter it once when reserving a vehicle and the remaining amount (after deduction of the travel costs incurred) will be credited to your Mobility account.

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