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Easy as pie: learn to drive with Mobility

Want to practise for your driving licence? But your parents don’t own a car? If not, get one from Mobility! You’re now allowed to drive from the age of 17.


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As 22’000 of your peers can confirm: learning to drive with Mobility is the way to go – and it’s very inexpensive to get started. The learner driver subscription costs just CHF 49, while a one-hour rental and a 15-kilometre trip cost CHF 10. Even if you have a bump, there’s no reason to panic: full insurance cover is included (third-party, comprehensive and passenger insurance). Mobility also provides a guaranteed limit to any financial loss. Hey, and don’t forget: as on any practice ride, you’ll need to take along a companion to keep an eye on you while you drive (licence holder for at least three years, aged over 23, also registered with Mobility).

Get six months for CHF 49

Six months’ practice In cars of all sizes: Learner driver

Make a start at age 17

If you’re 17 this year, you’ve hit the jackpot: you’re among the very first to be allowed to drive a car at this age. The new traffic regulations are designed to give you as much driving experience as possible. The federal government has good reasons for this, of course: the idea is to enable you to navigate traffic more safely, make it easier for you to get a job requiring a driving licence and help you get around more quickly if you live out in the sticks. Incidentally, it is not yet certain whether the new law will remain in place permanently: an initial assessment will be made in three years’ time. Either way, we Swiss are in good company with this new scheme: 17-year-olds are allowed on the road in the USA, Germany, Austria, Spain, Norway and Sweden, too – and in France youngsters are even permitted to drive from the tender age of 16. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen whether this will stop the ageing trend among learner drivers.

Fewer and fewer privately owned cars

If your parents don’t own a car, they’re not alone – on the contrary. In Basel, 55% of all households are car-free, and the figure is around half in Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva, too. So there’s a good chance you have peers who’d be interested in using Mobility for practice. If you successfully recommend us to somebody else, we give you CHF 20 as a small contribution to your driving test.

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