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Off we go: Mobility to install hundreds of electric charging stations throughout the whole of Switzerland

In the future, Mobility intends to go all electric. In order to ensure the e-cars get enough power, Mobility is building hundreds of charging stations in collaboration with partners. What exactly is planned? And what does that mean for you as a Mobility user? We answer the most important questions.


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Why is Mobility focusing on e-cars in the first place?

By no later than 2030, all Mobility cars will be electric and emission-free. We want to do our best to protect the environment and ensure the world is worth living in for future generations – and we hope you will join us and support this strategy.

How many new charging stations will there be and where will they be located?

We can’t tell you exactly yet, but our goal is to set up at least 300 e-stations by 2023. True to the motto: as many as possible – as quickly as possible. In addition, there are 150 electric cars located at railway stations.

Are you undertaking this expansion on your own?

No, because we know that it can be done more quickly and more efficiently as a team. We’re now working with three companies that are innovative and on top of their game:

How far can I travel in an e-car? I definitely don’t want to stop on the way!

You won’t have to. The range of our e-vehicles is increasing as each year goes by: it’s already between 200 and 500 kilometres, depending on the model. That should normally be plenty for your journey. And if you do need to recharge while you're on the road, simply grab the card for the nationwide Swisscharge fast-charging network.

How do I charge an e-car?

You can rest assured: the procedure is always more or less the same. So once you’ve got it down, you'll never forget how it works. You will find charging instructions here (see “vehicles”). Plus more general information about electromobility at Mobility here.

What kind of electricity do Mobility e-cars run on?

Electricity from 100% renewable sources. This is very important to us: after all, it’s the only way e-vehicles can offer maximum sustainability.

What type of charging stations will Mobility set up?

Both AC and DC. AC stands for “Alternating Current”. DC stands for “Direct Current” – this enables fast charging. Depending on the method, the battery charges up to 100 kilometres of range in one hour. We will make sure that the cars always have enough energy.

How can you install charging stations if you don’t own the parking spaces?

We only rent our parking spaces, that is correct. So to put it simply, our solution is this: the site owner provides the grid connection, we install a Mobility charging solution.

Wie findest Du Mobilitys Ambition, voll auf Elektro zu setzen?

What do you think of Mobility's ambition to go all electric? Write a comment, we look forward to hearing your opinion. You can find more information about electric mobility here.

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