Special offer for employees of the Canton of Lucerne

Mobility car sharing means you can be mobile whenever you want.

Do you work for the Canton of Lucerne? If so, you can get an annual Mobility subscription for just CHF 70!

As a Mobility customer you can reserve your vehicle via the internet or an app at any time of the day or night. You then unlock the car using your Mobility Card and drive off. It gives you complete flexibility. Plus you have access to 3’120 vehicles stationed at 1’530 Mobility sites right across Switzerland.

Your benefits: you pay only for what you drive. The hourly and kilometre rates even include the fuel and the insurance.

CostsCHF 70 per year
Drive rate (depending on vehicle category)
  • From CHF 2.00/h and CHF 0.55/km
  • Best Price guarantee for long journeys
Liability reduction for 12 months (optional)
  • L: deductible CHF 0 from CHF 209
  • M: deductible CHF 250 from CHF 169
  • S: deductible CHF 1'000 from CHF 129
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Extra benefits

Prices include VAT. In addition to the subscription fees, Mobility charges an hourly and kilometre rate for each journey.

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