Save on long Return trips

Mobility Best Price is the automatic, low-price solution for lengthier trips with Mobility.

The Best Price rates system guarantees private customers (Click & Drive not eligible) attractive prices on trips of up to 24 hours and 200 kilometres. The key advantage is that you don’t have to do anything – Best Price is applied automatically every time you hire a car. This means you always pay the lowest possible price.

If your reservation exceeds 200 kilometres/24 hours – on a weekend outing for instance – the extra kilometres/hours are added to the standard rate. On trips lasting several days, Best Price can apply more than once. Cooperative members benefit from an additional saving of CHF 10. The night rate for members of the cooperative is not covered by the Best Price scheme.

Vehicle categorybest price
Annual and trial subscription
best price
Member of the cooperative
BudgetCHF 120CHF 110
EconomyCHF 140CHF 130
CombiCHF 170CHF 160
Cabrio, Emotion, Minivan, TransportCHF 200CHF 190

Same rates for all vehicles, regardless of fuel type.
Subject to fuel surcharges/discounts

Example calculations have been made for annual and trial subscription holders. Cooperative members pay CHF 10 less on a Best Price trip.
Subject to fuel surcharges/discounts

Frequently asked questions

Are all fuel supplements included in these prices?

No, fuel supplements are calculated in addition and shown separately on invoices.

What about Click & Drive?

The aim is to provide benefits for regular users (subscription customers and cooperative members). Click & Drive is designed for infrequent, individual use and has a different price system from the regular scheme (no subscription costs, higher trip rates instead). This is why Best Price does not apply to Click & Drive.

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