The most tree-rich excursions in Switzerland

You can marvel at trees, live in them – or even use them for culinary purposes: all this is possible in Switzerland. We have collected the most fascinating excursion tips for you.


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A tree park as an exhibition: Enea Tree Museum, Rapperswil-Jona

Landscape architect Enzo Enea had a unique idea: save exceptional trees that had been cleared for felling, dig them up and, after laborious transport, replant them and let them continue to flourish. This is how the Enea Tree Museum came into being in a lovely, spacious park near Lake Zurich.

On a walk there you can admire over 50 rescued trees of more than 25 species – some of them over a century old. Since 2013, the park has also displayed contemporary sculptures by recognised artists. A fascinating combination of landscape, botany, architecture, design and art. Guided tours are also available on request.

Enea Tree Museum, Rapperswil-Jona

Enea Tree Museum in Rapperswil

Preparing tree-based menus: cooking course with Stefan Wiesner, Escholzmatt

Do you know what tea made from Swiss stone pine tastes like? Or oak glacé? You can try both at Restaurant Rössli in Escholzmatt. Owner Stefan Wiesner also provides insights into his unusual “avant-garde natural cuisine” in workshops: if you take the course “Tree knowledge and tree products for culinary use”, for example, you can not only learn about the tree species in the region, but also how to use parts of the trees for culinary purposes. At the end, you will prepare a tavolata of tree products with the kitchen team.

Rössli, Escholzmatt

Alchemical Cooking with the Ring of Fire

Walking above the trees: tree-top walk in Neckertal, Toggenburg

Enjoy a walk in the woods with a difference: try the Neckertal tree-top walk in Toggenburg. At a height of between 4 and 15 metres above the forest floor, it gives you a whole new perspective on trees. The 500-metre, barrier-free trail comprises various stations relating to forests and nature geared towards hands-on learning. The viewing platform at a height of 55 metres offers particularly spectacular views. The tree-top path is combined with a ground-level forest adventure trail which also includes a playground, a balancing path and a barbecue area. You can experience the two trails in one to two hours (walk from Mogelsberg station to the tree-top walk: approx. 30 minutes).

Tree-top walk Neckertal, Mogelsberg

Toggenburg treetop path

Tree-top path and tree tents on the Fräkmüntegg, Pilatus

Drachenberg near Lucerne offers several tree-related experiences: on the Fräkmüntegg you can walk from tree to tree along the tree-top path, high above the ground. Along the way between the thirteen platforms you are protected by nets and can find out more about the forest and its inhabitants in hands-on style from a very distinctive perspective.

If you’d like to spend the night in the forest, you will find tree tents stretched out between the trees: so you actually sleep “floating above the ground”, so to speak. The “Tree Tent” package also includes admission to the nearby rope park, a barbecue buffet and breakfast at Restaurant Fräkmüntegg.(only during summer season)

Pilatus treetop path

Spend the night in a tree nest: Les Nids, Le Locle

Have you always dreamed of spending the night in a tree house? If so, this is your opportunity! Les Nids tree house hotel awaits adventure-seekers on the edge of a forest in the Neuchâtel Jura mountains. It comprises four tree houses 5 to 8 metres above the ground – complete with bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Large panoramic windows provide sweeping views, while a wood-burning stove warms you in the cold season. Two of the four tree houses are also large enough for families, one of them is barrier-free.

Les Nids, Le Locle

The tree nest in le Nids, also a highlight in winter.

Ibergeregg Pass tree cabin

Another rustic tree cabin awaits overnight guests in the Mythen region, hidden among the branches of a fir tree on Ibergeregg Pass. Located in the nature reserve, it offers wonderful panoramic views of the mountains and Lake Lucerne. The cabin has a kitchenette, and meals can also be taken at the nearby restaurant. It is child-friendly and also has a wooden terrace.

BaumhĂĽtte (Tree Cabin), Ibergeregg

The rustic tree hut on the Ibergeregg.

Hiking in the highest-altitude pine forest in Europe: God da Tamangur, Lower Engadine

In German it is simply called “der Wald da hinten” (“the woods back there”): God da Tamangur beyond Val S-charl in the Lower Engadine. Measuring 86 hectares, it is the highest-altitude and largest contiguous Swiss stone pine forest in Europe. Nature is able to develop freely in this protected natural forest reserve: trees are no longer felled, dead trees are left lying, and there are lots of impressive ancient, gnarled specimens to discover. Some of them are over 700 years old. God da Tamangur can only be visited on foot: the best way is to hike from S-charl to Lü in Val Müstair or in the reverse direction (approx. 4.5 hours). Scuol Tourism also offers guided tours of the forest reserve.

God da Tamangur, Val S-charl

Image by Andreas Riedmiller.

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