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For learners & experienced drivers

Do you want to gain some practical driving experience?
With mobilityLEARN, you can try a variety of vehicle models as you rack up the practice kilometres.

Are you one of these accompanying drivers?
As an accompanying person you need a valid Mobility subscription. If you would like to make your own journeys then mobilityPLUS or mobilityYOUNG for everyone under 28 is the right offer. For infrequent users mobilityEASY is interesting.

Duration12 months*
Activation fee

CHF 149 for mobilityLEARN (incl. liability reduction S)

Recurring costsno monthly costs
Period of noticecan be cancelled up to 7 days before the end of the term
Drive rate (depending on vehicle category)
Liability reduction for 12 months
  • included: deductible of CHF 1'000 in the event of a claim (plus a processing fee)
Cause We Care (optional)CHF 0.03/km (info)
Extra benefits

Prices include VAT.
In addition to the subscription fees, Mobility charges an hourly and kilometre rate for each journey.

Mobility vehicles are neither approved for driving tests nor for test drives (transcription of the foreign driving licence).

* After 12 months, automatic conversion to mobilityYOUNG or mobilityPLUS.If you don’t want this to happen, you can either switch to a different product or cancel via your customer portal up to 7 days before the mobilityLEARN is due to expire. You will receive an email reminder 2 weeks before the expiry of the period of notice.


Private learner journeys

  • Valid provisional driving licence required.
  • Accompanying person needed (must also be a Mobility customer, transferable company subscriptions are NOT allowed).
  • Learner journeys must only be undertaken with an accompanying person who is 23 years of age or older and has held the category B driving licence for at least three years and no longer holds this on probation.
  • People who are deaf or physically disabled may only be accompanied by an officially approved instructor.
  • Selection of vehicles based on legal requirements.

Our drive rates

You pick the vehicle, we’ll take care of the rest: The transparent Mobility drive rates are based on the vehicle category you choose and include: fuel & electricity, motor vehicle taxes, insurance, servicing, cleaning and repairs.

Vehicle category Time tariff km-tariff*









Prices in CHF, including VAT.
Limited choice of vehicles suitable for learner drivers in certain categories. The vehicles in the Emotion category can be booked from the age of 25. This category is not available for under 25 years old persons and learner drivers.
* Fuel/energy surcharges and discounts reserved

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