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Subscriptions and prices – the ideal solution for everyone

Whether you’re often on the road, only get behind the steering wheel once in a while or are just starting to learn to drive: Mobility allows you to be completely mobile with none of the stress and responsibility that comes with owning a private car. Let go!

For all those who are curious:

Trial subscription – the non-binding subscription for beginners

Do you want to try out letting go first? Hop in with our trial subscription: you can try out Mobility for four whole months for a subscription price of CHF 10.75 per month.

  • Duration of four months
  • Subscription fee CHF 43 for 4 months
  • Journeys from CHF 2.00/h and CHF 0.55/km
  • Access to all vehicle categories


Take advantage of an affordable rate


You can use our vehicles spontaneously whenever you need them and you only pay when you drive. An additional +CHF 1.00/h and +CHF 0.10/km on top of the drive rates is charged for this.

  • No subscription fees
  • Lifetime membership fee of CHF 25
  • Journeys from CHF 3.00/h and CHF 0.65/km
  • Access to all vehicle categories


For those who have made up their minds:


With the annual subscription, you can enjoy flexible travel for a whole year without any fuss – all at an affordable rate of just CHF 10.75 per month and with nothing to worry about.

  • Subscription fee of CHF 129 per year
  • Journeys from CHF 2.00/h and CHF 0.55/km
  • Drive credit of CHF 30 a year*
  • Access to all vehicle categories



Here’s where you get a say: as a member of the Mobility cooperative, you pay CHF 1’000 and use Mobility with full flexibility. Straightforward driving at affordable rates and a say in shaping the mobility of the future.

  • No subscription fees
  • Lifetime membership fee of CHF 250
  • CHF 1’000 contribution to the cooperation (refunded on departure)
  • Journeys from CHF 2.00/h and CHF 0.55/km
  • Exclusive night rates
  • Drive credit of CHF 30 a year*
  • Access to all vehicle categories


Prices include VAT. In addition to the subscription fees, Mobility charges an hourly and kilometre rate for each journey.
* The drive credit is valid for 12 months. The credit can be used for several journeys and has no monetary value.

Student subscription

Is owning a car far too expensive for you? With the Mobility student subscription, you can try Mobility for four months without the subscription fee and can take advantage of an affordable rate.

Learner driver subscription

For your first journeys in road traffic: with our subscription for learner drivers, you can gain six months of driving experience for your driving test for CHF 49.

Our drive rates

You pick the vehicle, we’ll take care of the rest: The transparent Mobility drive rates are based on the vehicle category you choose and include:

  • Fuel
  • Motor vehicle taxes
  • Insurance
  • Servicing
  • Cleaning and repairs
Vehicle category Time tariff km-tariff*












Prices in CHF, including VAT., Click & Drive +CHF 1.00/h and +CHF 0.10/km
* Fuel surcharges and discounts reserved

Calculate journey price

Additional charges can apply, for example if a reservation is not initiated or is cancelled. See our PDF for a summary of all the additional benefits and charges:

Don’t own it – share it; expand the community

Being mobile needs a rethink. For the climate. For all of us. Don’t own it – share it. Win your friends over with the new type of mobility now: recommend our service to your friends to get your hands on drive credit or surprise them with a voucher.
Get on board and drive intelligently.

1’530 stations

Mobility vehicles await you at 1’530 stations throughout Switzerland. Off you go!

3’120 vehicles

Mobility has a fleet of 3’120 different vehicles ready and waiting for you. Big, small, sporty, practical – what are you waiting for?

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