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Co-members: save on subscription fees and have your say.

Do you live in the same household as a main member? Then you benefit from more favourable conditions. During your membership you not only save all subscription fees, but also receive an annual drive credit of CHF 30.

The member’s fee, which is returned to you if you decide to withdraw, makes you a co-owner of our company and gives you a say in its running (e.g. participation in section assemblies).


Enjoy all the benefits/conditions in the same way as a main member:

  • Annual drive credit of CHF 30
  • Best Price guarantee on drive rates with preferential terms
  • Access to 3’120 cars all over Switzerland
  • Rent flexibly: from one hour, around the clock and self-service
  • One-way trips with Mobility One-Way
  • Many additional benefits (see below)
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CHF 0 subscription charge excludes time/kilometre rates
CHF 125 one-off registration fee
CHF 100 member’s fee refunded if you withdraw

Prices incl. VAT. In addition to the subscription fee, a time and/or kilometre rate is charged for each rental.

Additional benefits