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EZ10 – the self-driving shuttle.

Smart mobility for individual public transportation: Mobility, SBB, Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe (ZVB), the Municipality of Zug and Technology Cluster Zug are bringing self-driving vehicles to Zug. These will be the first self-driving shuttles to be integrated in an existing traffic and mobility system in Switzerland.

The shuttles will run between the railway station and Technology Cluster Zug. As Mobility CEO Patrick Marti confidently states: "In the not too distant future, it will entirely normal in Switzerland to be able to order a self-driving vehicle at the press of a button and be chauffeured to your chosen destination". The use of such vehicles as shared taxis in particular adds a whole new dimension to the concept of car sharing, so Mobility is particularly interested in the technology, explains Marti. "We want to take on a pioneering role in Switzerland – after all, if there's anyone who knows how to share vehicles intelligently, it's us." Mobility will contribute its car sharing vehicle technology and expertise to the pilot project and is responsible for procuring the vehicles.

Model EZ10

The self-driving shuttle EZ10 is produced by the company EasyMile, a start-up based in Toulouse/France. These autonomous vehicles have been put to successful use more than a dozen times all over the world. They can carry up to 12 people at a time:

9 people (6 sitting, 3 standing)
Maximum speed
20 km/h
4.020 m
1.980 m
2.871 m
Total laden weight
2’760 kg
Localisation technology
Laser, camera, GPS, odometer, IMU

Testing a number of scenarios

The main aim of the pilot project is to provide a flexible, customer-friendly scheme for travelling from A to B. Mobility and its partners will be deploying the EZ10 in stages and in a number of different ways: as a shuttle service, integrated in the existing public transportation network, as a flexible on-demand facility, as a railway station shuttle and as a component of a car sharing scheme for a specific area in the municipality of Zug. This goes far beyond tests carried out in Switzerland to date, since the shuttle will be operating in a heavily frequented urban traffic and mobility system.

First shuttle runs in Zug

The self-driving shuttle went into operation in the streets of Zug on 25 March. It runs between the stop Metalli at Zug station and Zug Technology Cluster (Industriestrasse 66). The aim is to map out and define the route, so the shuttle is initially being run under the supervision of security personnel in order to ensure road safety. Mapping and defining route is anticipated to take two weeks. Once this has been successfully completed and Shuttle EZ10 is given final approval, trial runs will be carried out with test persons from the project consortium.

The pilot project will run until the end of 2019. After this, the partners will decide whether and how the self-driving shuttles are to be integrated in Zug’s public transportation system.

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