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Find answers to your most important questions.

Rates & charges

How are the costs for Mobility reservations calculated?

The costs are based on the kilometre and/or time rates for that particular vehicle category. On long journeys Best Price automatically takes effect. For every one-way rental with Mobility One-Way, a one-way supplement of between CHF 7 and CHF 29 is charged.

What do the rates include?

Our time rates and kilometre rates include everything: fuel, servicing, repairs, insurance, administration, Swiss motorway toll sticker, tyre changes, parking space rental and VAT.

The rates for business customers are shown without VAT.

I have collected a fine. What happens now?

The fine will be sent to Mobility. Mobility determines the responsible party and informs the police. The police redirect the fine to you. Mobility charges you an additional processing fee of CHF 25.   


Are there minimum or maximum periods of use for Mobility vehicles?

The shortest period is one hour, commencing or ending either on the hour or the half-hour. The maximum period is usually 16 days or, at Mobility stations with only one vehicle, three days. Customers needing a car for a longer period can benefit from special rates offered by Mobility’s car rental partners Europcar and Hertz.

How can I reserve a particular vehicle model?

You can reserve vehicle categories, but not specific models. Exception: you can reserve a specific model of car in the Emotion category.

Can a Mobility customer open or drive a vehicle that has been reserved by another customer?

Yes, but only if they are in the same group and are subject to the same rates. Mobility customers living in the same household can create a group such as this, which means that they can all use each other's reservations.

How do I go about reserving a Mobility vehicle?

There are several ways of reserving a Mobility vehicle: via the internet (customer portal), via the "Mobility Swiss" app (iOS or Android) or by calling our 24h Service Center on 0848 824 812.

Fair play and fees (PDF)

Before driving off

How far ahead should I reserve before a planned journey?

Mobility vehicles can be reserved around the clock right up to when you need them. Always reserve plenty of time to make sure your Mobility car is back at its station on time. Late returns incur additional charges.

Fair play and fees (PDF)

What happens if my reserved vehicle is not at the Mobility station?

Please call our 24h Service Center on 0848 824 812. We will then help to resolve the issue as soon as possible.   

How do I open a Mobility vehicle?

Hold your Mobility Card or your SwissPass against the Checkpoint on the windscreen until the central locking opens automatically.

What should I bear in mind when starting a reservation?

For your own safety, please observe the following:

  • Check the vehicle for damage before driving off.
  • Make all necessary settings to the vehicle before starting the engine: adjust the seat, steering wheel, wing and rear-view mirrors to your needs, tune into your favourite radio station, set the in-car climate controls, fasten your seat belt, etc.
  • Turn on the light. In Switzerland, the law requires motorists to drive with their lights on even during the daytime.
  • In winter make sure that you can see clearly through all windows.
  • Pay attention to the traffic at all times.

Before commencing my reservation I discovered damage to the vehicle. What should I do?

You are required to report any damage to cars and scooters to the 24h Service Center on 0848 824 812 without delay.

During the trip

Can I interrupt my journey and resume it later?


  • Car: Lock the vehicle using the Mobility Card/SwissPass and leave the ignition key (if existing) in the car.
  • Scooter: Lock the scooter using the Mobility Card/SwissPass or by tapping the "Lock" button in the app.

Can I park my own car in the Mobility bay during my reservation?

You are permitted to park your own vehicle in the Mobility bay during your reservation, provided the bay is not in a multi-storey car park. To avoid being issued with a parking fine, please place a copy of the reservation confirmation behind the windscreen of your vehicle. When entering a multi-storey car park in your private vehicle, you should collect a ticket as usual and park in a regular bay. You must not use the Mobility vehicle’s season parking ticket to enter and exit the car park in your own vehicle.

Important: this rule does not apply to Mobility One-Way trips.

Is smoking allowed in Mobility vehicles?

No. Mobility vehicles are no-smoking zones. Smoking is also not permitted while wearing the scooter helmet.

Fairplay and fees (PDF)

Can I return the vehicle early?

Of course. If you are back at least 30 minutes before your reservation is scheduled to end, you can end the reservation immediately on the on-board computer ("Res End" button) or via app and save money.

What should I do if I am involved in an accident?

A detailed check list and other documentation may be found in every Mobility vehicle in the in-car document wallet located in the glove box. In general:

  • Keep calm
  • Secure the scene of the accident (switch on your hazard lights, set up your warning triangle)
  • Remove any injured persons from the danger zone and provide first aid (there is an on-board first-aid kit in the vehicle)
  • Call the police: dial 117

I am unable to return the vehicle on time. What should I do?

Always allow enough time for your reservations and, if necessary, extend them in good time. If this is not possible, call the 24h Service Center on 0848 824 812 immediately. This can be done simply and free of charge using the on-board computer (where available).

Please note that you will still be charged fees for a late return.

Fair play and fees (PDF)

At the end of the trip

Can I return my vehicle to a different Mobility station?

For instance, can a Mobility vehicle be collected in Lucerne and returned in Geneva? One-way hires are only possible with Mobility One-Way or through our car rental partners, Europcar and Hertz.

Do I have to refuel the Mobility vehicle?

Mobility vehicles should be returned with the fuel tank at least one third full at the end of a reservation. It costs you nothing to refuel. If you paid for the refuelling yourself, please post the receipt to our address (Mobility Genossenschaft, Suurstoffi 16, 6343 Rotkreuz) or scan and email it to office(at) We will credit the amount to your account, and this will appear on your next Mobility invoice.

This is how Mobility works
Fairplay and fees (PDF)

What should I bear in mind when returning the vehicle to its Mobility station?

Park the vehicle in the reserved parking space, switch off the lights and other electrical equipment and return the ignition key (where available) to the glove box. Lock the car using your Mobility Card or your SwissPass and wait for the on-board computer to confirm your deregistration. Check that the doors and boot are locked and windows shut.   

When should I clean the Mobility vehicle?

Clearly visible dirt (both inside and out) caused by the customer must be removed by the customer at his or her expense during the reservation period.

Fairplay and fees (PDF)


What is my insurance cover as a Mobility customer?

As a Mobility customer you are fully covered by third party, comprehensive and passenger insurance in the event of a loss event.   

Insurance private customers
Insurance business customers

How much is the policy deductible/excess per loss event?

The policy deductible/excess is up to CHF 2’500 per loss event. By obtaining a Policy Deductible 300 you can reduce your policy deductible/excess to a maximum of CHF 300. New and young drivers are subject to surcharges.

Can Policy Deductible 300 cover persons in a partnership or residing in the same household?

No, each Mobility customer must obtain his or her own Policy Deductible 300. Such cover is issued on a per-Mobility number basis.   


Are Mobility vehicles equipped for the winter?

Mobility vehicles are prepared for the winter: winter tyres fitted; cooling systems topped up with anti-freeze; ice scraper and snow chains placed in boot, under the seats or in the spare wheel compartment (not available in any car).

Do you have vehicles with roof racks?

Mobility vehicles do not come with roof racks. Customers are responsible for supplying the correct roof rack, installing it correctly and removing it when returning the vehicle. In the event of damage, Mobility will check if this is related to the use of a roof rack, for example due to overloading. Mobility reserves the right to invoice customers for all of the damage if a link is established.   

Is it permitted to install child safety seats in Mobility vehicles?

Mobility does not offer permanently installed child seats in its vehicles. We are unable to offer permanently installed child seats for children up to the age of four for reasons of liability (Mobility would be responsible for their installation and good working order) and for practical reasons (most families with small children already have a child seat of their own). Mobility recommends that customers provide their own child seats or booster seats.

One practical solution is the "Trunki BoostAPak", an all-in-one booster seat and backpack with a wealth of safety and practical benefits. Order now!

How many child safety seats can be installed in Mobility vehicles?
With the exception of the Micro and Transporter categories, every model of Mobility vehicle provides ISOFIX attachement points for up to two child safety seats on the outer rear seats. The Ford S-Max (Minivan) can accomodate up to three child safety seats on the second row of seats and two further child safety seats on the third row, all with ISOFIX attachement points. The fitting of child safety seats to Micro and Transporter category vehicles is not permitted, as the corresponding airbags cannot be individually deactivated.

Do you have vehicles with trailer couplings?

No. There are no such vehicles in the Mobility fleet.   

Offer for private customers

Is there a reduction for persons living in the same household?

Yes. Persons living in the same household as a Mobility Cooperative main member can benefit from reductions by becoming co-members. Becoming a co-member in a shared or family household is a great way of accessing Mobility's services, since all you pay is a one-off admission fee of CHF 125. The cooperative subscription element of the fee, CHF 100, is returned to you if you decide to leave the cooperative.

Cooperative households are able to form additional "groups". Members of these groups have reciprocal, flexible access to reservations. Reservations are charged to the customer making the reservation.

What happens after I’ve registered with Mobility?

Variant 1 – Take the wheel right away
During our service hours (Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 9 pm, Sunday from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm) we check your driving licence within 60 minutes after registration. You are informed by e-mail if the check fails.
Meanwhile you can go ahead and reserve a Mobility vehicle. For this you need your personal Mobility number and pin code. You will receive the pin code in a separate e-mail.
After this, make your way to the vehicle you have reserved and call our 24h Service Center on 0848 824 812. We will open the car and activate your Mobility Card. Do you hold a SwissPass? If so, you don’t need to call our 24h Service Center.

Variant 2 – Take the wheel in a few days’ time
Your Mobility account is activated after the invoice for the subscription has been paid and you have received your Mobility Card. After this, simply reserve a vehicle through the customer portal or app.

Offer for business customers

What is the difference between a personal Mobility subscription and a transferable Mobility subscription?

The personal Mobility subscription is issued in the name of an employee and is non-transferable. The transferable Mobility subscription is issued in the company's name and can be used by all employees who hold a driving licence valid in Switzerland.

Can our employees use Mobility privately on Business car sharing terms?

No, these terms apply to business use only.   

What conditions have to be met to obtain Mobility Business car sharing?

To register as a Business car sharing customer, your company has to be entered in the commercial register or registered for VAT with the federal tax authorities. This does not apply to public-sector bodies.

Offer for learner

May I only use the learner driver subscription with my learner driving licence?

The learner driving licence is a valid driving licence and entitles the holder to use all subscriptions (except for Click & Drive). The learner driver subscription is specifically geared to the needs of learner drivers. It is cheap, valid for six months, with integrated Policy Deductible 300 (to reduce the policy deductible). A learner driver subscription can only be taken out once.

Why must the person accompanying a learner driver also be a Mobility customer?

The accompanying person must be able to take over the wheel at any time. For legal reasons, non-Mobility customers may not drive Mobility vehicles. Accompanying persons must also meet the statutory requirements of the Road Traffic Act.

The cost-effective subscription for accompanying persons is the ideal Mobility membership. But persons accompanying a learner driver on learner trips can also use other Mobility subscriptions (except for a transferable company subscription and Click & Drive). The important thing is to notify us with the "Confirmation by persons accompanying a learner driver" form.

May I also independently use Mobility vehicles with the subscription for accompanying persons?

The subscription for accompanying persons can only be taken out in conjunction with a learner driver subscription. You may naturally also use Mobility for other trips in addition to learner trips. We recommend including the Policy Deductible 300.

How soon after registration can I start doing learner trips?

For learner trips, we need to have received the learner driving licence and payment as well as the completed and signed "Confirmation by persons accompanying a learner driver" form. The learner driver will also receive this form upon registration.

May I do the WAB courses with my Mobility subscription?

Yes, it is possible to do the legally compulsory WAB courses with a Mobility vehicle.

Is there a blue "L" in the vehicle?

No, you have to bring your own.

Are there Mobility vehicles that are not registered for learner trips?

The electronic hand brake of the Mercedes Vito in the transport category is located to the left of the driver. The hand brake is not accessible to the accompanying person and the use of this vehicle for learner trips is therefore not permitted by law.

May I use a Mobility vehicle to do the test for my driving licence?

No, that is not possible.

How do I subsequently register additional accompanying persons?

After you have taken out a subscription, you have to use the "Subsequent registration of additional accompanying person(s)" form to register additional persons for the subscription for accompanying persons (of CHF 59).

Lost items

What should I do if I lose my Mobility Card?

Please report the loss of your Mobility Card by calling the 24h Service Center on 0848 824 812. The card will so that it can be blocked with immediate effect. You will then receive a new Mobility Card. The charge of CHF 25 for replacing the card will appear on your next invoice (applies only to cards issued within the last three years). Your Mobility number and PIN Code will remain unchanged.   

I have found an item in the vehicle, what to do?

Please leave items in the glove compartment – bigger items in the trunk of the vehicle, our staff will take care of the rest. You do not have to contact us. If you have taken the item with you, we ask you to return it to the vehicle.

In case that the item found is valuable, please call our 24 Service Center on 0848 824 812 for further assistance.

Should we agree with you on the delivery of the item, please send it to us:
Mobility Cooperative
Suurstoffi 16
6343 Rotkreuz

Do not forget to include your Mobility number and reservation number or vehicle number so that we can assign your shipment.

I have forgotten or lost an item in the vehicle, what to do?

  • You can reserve the vehicle and collect the item yourself as quickly as possible.
  • Alternatively, in the customer portal, select the relevant reservation in the "Reservations" section and click on "Give feedback". You can then click on "Search request (CHF 50)" and enter what you have lost. We will search the item and if we find it, send it to you. We will charge you for the shipping costs. You will receive an answer from us within ten working days. The search request costs CHF 50 regardless of whether the item is found or not. Please note that we only check the vehicle used and do not ask any other customers about the lost item.


Does car sharing exist in Germany?

I will be travelling to Germany. Are there any car sharing companies? You can use your Mobility Card for car sharing in Germany without incurring any extra subscription charges. Reservations are subject to the partner’s hourly and kilometre rates and its conditions of use. Reservations abroad are billed periodically by Mobility in CHF. The Policy Deductible 300 offered also provides Mobility customers in Germany with peace of mind.

In Germany, Mobility customers holding the red Mobility Card or SwissPass are able to make direct use of Flinkster’s (part of DB Bahn) car-sharing services. The only exception relates to cards not bearing the Mobility logo: here, a separate card will be required. Reservations are made online using the Mobility customer portal. Clicking the Flinkster heading takes you straight to the Flinkster vehicle reservation system. You then have a choice of 2’500 vehicles at 600 locations. Details of their locations, vehicles and rates may be found under:

Possible only with a personal subscription; not available to business customers with transferable subscriptions.

Can I become a Mobility customer even if I do not live in Switzerland?

Yes, you can become a Mobility customer even if you are resident abroad. Registering with Mobility requires a valid email address and a credit card.   

Can I also use Mobility to reserve car rental vehicles abroad?

Yes. The process is quick and convenient using the Mobility customer portal.   

Can customers take Mobility vehicles abroad?

Driving abroad is permitted in countries covered by the insurance. Insurance cover pursuant to Clause 10 of the GTCs applies in Europe and the countries bordering the Mediterranean, excluding the Russian Federation, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Mobility reserves the right to amend this list of countries at any time. The customer should personally obtain special insurance cover, such as European accident and breakdown cover.

List of countries not covered by Mobility's insurance (PDF)

My subscription

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancellations of Mobility subscriptions must be notified in writing more than four weeks before they are due to expire. The cancellation also automatically cancels any Policy Deductible 300 that may have been taken out. Early cancellations are not possible.

Cooperative members may leave the cooperative by 30th June or 31st December provided notification is given in writing six months in advance.

How do I change my PIN Code?

Go to the customer portal and click on "Change PIN Code" under the Profile.

How do I activate the SwissPass as a vehicle key?

You have a SwissPass and want to use it as a vehicle key? Simply activate your personal SwissPass on the Mobility customer portal under Profile --> SwissPass or directly during registration.

How can I change my current subscription?

By telephone via our 24h Service Center
We provide direct support on the phone and take care of your subscription change for you. Feel free to call us on 0848 824 812. 

In general

Can someone who is not a customer also use Mobility?

No. Only Mobility customers can drive the reserved vehicle.

Where do I find my Mobility number?

Your Mobility number is the first five-, six- or seven-digit number on your red Mobility Card (to the left of your name). If you do not have a personalised Mobility Card or SwissPass, you will find your Mobility number on the sticker you received when you registered.

Is it made worth my while to recommend Mobility to others?

As an existing customer, I have found a potential new customer for Mobility. Is there anything in it for me? Yes! You receive drive credit to the value of CHF 25 (CHF 75 for business customers).

Customers get customers